Founders Mary Luz and Tina Zolla   (Photo credit K Zolla Photography)

           Founders Mary Luz and Tina Zolla  (Photo credit K Zolla Photography)

Dance Enthusiasm was established in 1992 by Tina Zolla and Mary Luz, friends for life and dance enthusiasts. These talented choreographers and technically driven instructors, were determined to create a dance studio, where dancers can confidently learn and grow. Dance Enthusiasm strives to make dancers of varying ages and abilities, feel at home, the moment they walk into our beautifully spacious studio. 

“I can’t imagine my life without teaching. It is the most fulfilling and rewarding job I will ever have.” ~ Mary Luz 

“I’m so proud to watch our dancers become strong, amazing young adults, who will forever be a part of our dance family.” ~ Tina Zolla


Our Mission Statement: 

1. To provide dancers of all ages the opportunity to learn and appreciate the art of dance. 

2. To bring out the best in those dancers through learning self-confidence, discipline, team work, and the ability to set goals to achieve. 

3. To build successful, strong individuals, in and outside of the world of professional dance.

When I started my daughter at Dance Enthusiasm, right away she felt comfortable and welcomed. The teachers are impressive with the kids, getting them to listen and learn while also being caring and fun. Her confidence has grown tremendously and she has shown such bravery on a stage (in front of so many people). After class she always has something new she wants to show me, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what else she will learn next and how much she will push herself to grow. She walks into the dance school feeling friendly and positive and joyful. I love what dance has done for her, and for my relationship with her. She is such a cool little person with abilities I didn’t know she had. I think she is a dancer for life. Thanks for everything Dance Enthusiasm!
— Vanessa (parent)