D.E. Dance Company


The national award winning D.E. Dance Company, consists of dancers from ages three through eighteen.  It is important for every dancer to have the ability to compete, and grow from on-stage experience, team work, and constructive criticism.  We offer select routines to all of our competitive dancers.  In addition, the D.E. Dance Company offers auditions for various pieces, as well as solos, duos, and trios to dancers who are ready.    

Dance Enthusiasm has various teams, based on ability to perform, technical ability, and age including: Minis, Petites, Juniors, Preteens, Teens, and Seniors.  The D.E. Dance Company is also proud to offer a Challengers Dance Team, which is for our specially abled dancers, from teens through adults.  The Challengers are our most treasured team,  and are celebrated throughout the dance community.  Competitive dance proves to have many benefits in building self-esteem and body awareness, and we are grateful to offer all dancers the ability to compete, here at Dance Enthusiasm.  

The D.E. Dance Company recently returned from Dancer’s Inc. Nationals where three out of the six titles were won by Dance Enthusiasm Dancers:  Senior Miss Dancers Inc. 2017 Haley M., Junior Miss Dancers Inc. 2017 Sofia P., and Junior Mister Dancers Inc. 2017 Owen M.  In 2016, Dance Enthusiasm was honored as top scoring of the entire national competition.  The dance team was also honored by the National Dance Competition rankings, as one of the top five competitive dance teams in all of New England.

Dance Enthusiasm competitive dancers have continued on to be accomplished dancers, both collegiate and professionally. D.E. Dance company dancers can currently or have been in Christmas Story on Broadway, Relativity School in Los Angeles, Boston Ballet, Patriot Cheerleaders, backup dancers for various artists, appearances in music videos and more. The best compliment to D.E. Dance Company, is the numerous dancers who go on to be successful individuals, whether in dance or whatever dreams they decide to pursue. 

Jr. Mr. Dancers Inc. 2017, Sr. Miss Dancers Inc. 2017, Jr. Miss Dancers Inc. 2017 (Photo credit K Zolla Photography)

Jr. Mr. Dancers Inc. 2017, Sr. Miss Dancers Inc. 2017, Jr. Miss Dancers Inc. 2017 (Photo credit K Zolla Photography)

Having a child with special needs is really no big deal. Until you send them out to participate in the world. No matter the age, there is always the worry accompanying the activity. Usually not lasting long, but there, none-the-less. It was just the same when she began dance at Dance Enthusiasm. She was a bit older to start dancing but she SO WANTED to dance. To perform. To be a part of something bigger than, well, me. The worry: will she fit in? Can she do it? Will people be nice to her? Include her? From the moment she walked in there was no need to worry. Studio directors to choreographers, dancers and parents, love her for who she is, accept her and buoy her in her classes and at competitions. Yes! Competitions! She’s gone from recreational tap and jazz classes to competition dancing that includes a jazz duet, a jazz solo, a hip hop solo and now a lyrical solo. Will she ever dance ‘like’ the other girls? No. She is differently able’d. But here’s the thing, at Dance Enthusiasm they embrace her differences and guide, mentor, teach and encourage with all of their hearts. Her dance routines are beautiful; music choice to choreography. The list of people to thank for such a great experience is long. So I’ll just say, “Thank you.” For everything
— Kathy (parent)