News and Events


Wednesday August 14th 2019 7:00 p.m. - Heritage Days Show (Salem Willows Half Shell Stage)

Thursday October 3rd 2019 - Salem Haunted Happenings Parade (Downtown Salem)

TBA - Ticket Day (Dance Enthusiasm)

Saturday May 30th 2020 - Dress Rehearsal (Marblehead Middle School)

Saturday May 30th 2020 - Picture Day (Marblehead Middle School)

Sunday May 31st 2020 - Recital (Marblehead Middle School)


Important Studio Dates

Monday September 9th 2019 - Classes Begin!  Register on our Classes Page today!  

Monday October 21st 2019 - Session II Begins

Thursday November 28th 2019 - Thanksgiving Day Break - There are no regularly scheduled classes.

Monday December 2nd 2019 - Session III Begins

Monday December 23rd 2019 - Sunday January 5th 2018 - Winter Break - There are no regularly scheduled classes.

Monday January 27th 2020 - Session IV Begins

Monday February 17th 2020 - Sunday February 23rd 2020 - All classes will continue, as scheduled. 

Monday March 9th 2020 - Session V Begins

Monday April 20th 2020 - Sunday April 26th 2020 - All classes will continue, as scheduled.

Monday April 20th 2020 - Session VI Begins

Saturday May 30th 2020 - Last day of classes.  Check out our summer class offerings.


I am a Dance Enthusiasm alumni. I started here when I was 7 years old (20 years ago!) and joined the competitive dance team a year later. At the time I had no idea what kind of impact this would have on my life, but looking back I can say that I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. Dance Enthusiasm taught me determination, endurance, hard work, and most importantly enthusiasm for life. I danced here 5-6 days a week from elementary school to high school, alongside girls that I still call my best friends. Our parents are close friends and still get together for family events. We traveled all over the country together, and created memories that will last a lifetime. I could go on and on about the awards that we won, but it’s so much more than that. DE creates an environment of high expectations for students, and because of that I have high expectations for myself in my life.
Dance Enthusiasm instills qualities in their dancers, that have allowed both my friends and me to become successful in life. I have such fond memories of growing up here.. I miss it everyday!! Thank you Tina and Mary for having such a positive impact on all of our lives!! We can’t thank you enough!
— Jen (Alumni)