Class Schedule



Beginner/Intermediate Acro                              3:45-4:45

Inter/Advanced Acro                                             4:45-5:45

Twinkle Toes  (ages 3-4)                                       4:45-5:30

Ballet  Technique (ages 7-11)                             5:30-6:30

Teen Company Ballet Barre                                5:45-6:45

Ballet  (ages 7-11)                                                    6:30-7:30

Pointe                                                                          6:45-7:30

Teen Ballet Center & Floorwork                         7:30-8:30



Kinderdance (ages 5-6)                                     4:00-5:00

Junior Company Tap                                         4:00-4:30

Senior Company Acro                                         4:30-5:30

Junior Company Hip Hop                                 5:00-5:30

Turns and Leaps (ages 13+)                              5:30-7:00

Turns and Leaps (ages 7-12)                            5:30-7:00

Teen Company Jazz/Open                              7:00-8:30

Teen Company Lyrical/Contemp.                 8:30-9:00/9:30




Company Mini Jazz                                              3:30-4:30

Preteen Company Tap                                        3:45-4:15

Junior/Preteen Company Acro                        4:15-4:45

Junior Company Jazz/Open                             4:45-6:15

Junior/Preteen Company Lyrical                    6:15-6:45

Ballet Technique (ages 13+)                              6:15-7:15

Ballet (ages 13+)                                                    7:15-8:15




Jazz  (ages 7-12)                                                   4:15-5:15

Tap (ages 7-12)                                                      5:15-6:00

Jazz (teen)                                                                5:15-6:15

Hip Hop (7-12)                                                        6:00-7:00

Teen Company Hip Hop                                    6:45-7:45

Tap (teen)                                                                7:00-7:45

Hip Hop (teen/adult)                                           7:45-8:45

Adult Tap                                                                  7:45-8:45



Teen Company Tap                                            4:30-5:00

Preteen Company Hip Hop                             5:00-5:30

Company                                                                5:30-8:30




Twinkle Toes (ages 3-4)                                    9:15-10:00

Kinderdance (ages 5-6)                                    10:00-11:00



My daughter started with Dance Enthusiasm 3 seasons ago. DE immediately became our second family, and my daughters second home. My daughter was welcomed with open arms, open minds, and incredibly talented dance teachers. The caliber of talent and knowledge from the owners and choreographers is exceptional, the range of classes offered in recreational to competition is so diverse, and non judgemental, and the teachers and students, and parents are so encouraging! DE is a decision I wish we made years ago, it’s like we have been a part of the family for far more than just 3 seasons, and I am so glad we have found them!!
— Shannon (Parent)


Jairol "JB" Bernabel

Abby Cyr

Adrianna Carnevale

Sherrill Ellis

Miriam Eyges

Amy Surette

Ashley Kaner

Haley McCarron

Corinne Rennick

Courtney DaSilva

Hannah Pinto Madigan

Myra Myre

Siobhan O'Keefe

Gianna Rosenau

Jamie Werner